CHINA – Nestlé, a global leader in nutrition science, has unveiled its latest innovation in early life nutrition with the launch of a science-based growing-up milk solution containing Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs) in mainland China.

This new product falls under the Wyeth illuma brand and follows recent approval by China’s National Health Commission for the use of these bioactives in infant nutrition.

HMOs, the third most abundant solid component in human breast milk, have been extensively studied for their role in promoting gut and immune health as well as cognitive development in infants.

Nestlé’s illuma product, manufactured at the Suzhou factory in mainland China, includes two major types of HMOs—2’Fucosyllactose (2’FL) and Lacto-N-(neo)tetraose (LNnT).

The blend also incorporates essential lipids and proteins that contribute to overall gut and immune health and cognitive development in young children.

Laurent Alsteens, Global Head of Early Childhood Nutrition at Nestlé, expressed dedication to leveraging innovation expertise and advancing research in early life nutrition.

“This is our first launch of HMO products in China. We are delighted to bring the benefits of HMOs and 35 other vital ingredients in this illuma growing-up milk to young children,” he stated.

Nestlé’s commitment to HMO science has revealed its pioneer status and significant investment in clinical studies and patents related to HMOs.

The company conducts scientific research at its global R&D organization, collaborating with academic research centers and universities worldwide.

Isabelle Bureau-Franz, Head of Nestlé’s R&D for Nutrition, highlighted the company’s longstanding focus on understanding the composition of human breast milk and the vital role played by HMOs and other nutrients.

“The generated scientific knowledge has helped advance the scientific field for infant and maternal nutrition, while enabling us to develop and launch novel science-based solutions containing HMOs in over 50 countries globally,” she added.

“Nestlé’s global leadership in HMO science is reflected in the illuma growing-up milk, which builds upon the company’s introduction of a complex of five HMOs in its formula brand portfolio.”

The continuous innovation in this space is exemplified by the recent introduction of Sinergity, a proprietary blend that combines a specific probiotic with six age-adapted HMOs to support infant development.

Sinergity, launched in Hong Kong, will soon be deployed in Latin America and Europe under the NAN Supremepro brand, reinforcing Nestlé’s commitment to advancing infant nutrition worldwide.