UK – Nestle Breakfast Cereals have adopted the UK Government’s colour-coded labelling system, beginning October 2017.

The labelling system, which features red, amber and green boxes, shows the amount of sugar, salt, energy and fat in each product, and is already underway.

Nestle Breakfast Cereals had already reduced the amount of sugar content of its products by 15%, which had been achieved since 2010, and still works for the 10% across the range by the end of 2018.

Nestlé breakfast cereals include Cheerios, Golden Grahams, Shreddies and Cookie Crisp and are produced by Cereal Partners Worldwide, a joint venture between Nestle and General Mills.

“We have provided consumers with clear nutritional information in a monochrome format on front of pack for many years”, said Cereal Partners Worldwide UK regional vice president Gharry Eccles.

“The decision by Cereal Partners Worldwide to adopt colour-coded labelling in the UK aligns the Nestlé cereals range with what has become the common UK labelling scheme.

It is also in line with other Nestlé products in this market, providing consumers with a consistent approach to nutrition labelling in the UK.”

“Nestlé welcomes Cereal Partners Worldwide’s decision to adopt colour-coded labelling on its breakfast cereals sold in the UK.

Nestlé UK has been a longstanding supporter of the colour-coded nutrition labelling scheme ever since 2013 when it was adopted on Nestlé wholly-owned products.

It has always been Nestlé’s ambition to see the UK Government scheme on all Nestlé branded products in the UK”, added Nestlé UK and Ireland CEO Stefano Agostini.

According to the company, the government-backed colour-coded labelling system’s full roll-out is expected to be completed by early 2018 on brands such as Shreddies, Cheerios and Shredded Wheat.