Nestle Cereals launches new Oat Cheerios breakfast cereal range in the UK

UK – Nestlé Cereals has launched new Oat Cheerios breakfast cereals, expanding its range of great tasting and nutritious cereals in the UK.

Oat Cheerios are made with 100% British-grown whole grain oats and are enriched with vitamins and minerals, including calcium and the vitamins D and C, along with folic acid.

The new range comes in 375-gram packs available in select stores this month at a recommended retail price of US$3.30, and will be rolled out in retailers across the country in January.

A research quoted by Nestle Cereals reveals that 97% of British consumers agree that oats are a healthy option at breakfast, but more than one in five don’t like porridge.

“Oats are increasingly becoming a popular addition to Brits’ diets, as we’ve seen with the rise in sales of things like oat milk, but so many consumers we’ve spoken to just don’t like porridge.

“We’ve made Oat Cheerios to cater to those who want to enjoy the benefits of oats without having to eat porridge.

It’s also a perfect breakfast choice in both winter and summer, tasting great with either hot or cold milk,” said Toby Baker, Nestlé Cereals marketing director UK and Australia.

To support the launch, US$1.28 million will be spend on media and trade deals to provide consumers with offers and create product awareness.

Nestle Cereal Partners is a cereal venture between Nestlé and General Mills.

It rolled out a low-sugar version of Cheerios with 1.4g of sugar in a 30g serving versus the 6.2g in the regular version of the cereal.

This was an addition to Multigrain, Honey and Chocolatey versions in the Cheerios range, a portfolio that was developed in line with the 2012 Which? Breakfast Cereal Report, which revealed high amounts of sugars in 50 breakfast cereals.

The World Health Organization recommends an increase in whole grain consumption along with increases in fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts.

Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW) is a leading global breakfast cereal company and the maker of Nestlé Cereals, including favourites such as Nesquik, Shredded wheat, Cheerios and Shreddies.

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