Nestlé debuts new Starbucks by Nespresso range in the UK and Ireland

UK – Nestlé has released a new range of Starbucks-branded coffee capsules, called Starbucks by Nespresso, in the UK and Ireland.

Starbucks by Nespresso features eight coffee blends, which include Blonde Espresso Roast, Colombia, House Blend, Pike Place, Sumatra, Caffe Verona, Espresso Roast and Decaf Espresso Roast.

The company noted that for the first time, its Nespresso’s aluminium capsule technology is available outside of its Nespresso business. The Nespresso capsules contain 100% premium grade Arabica coffee which is ethically sourced.

Nestlé UK and Ireland Beverages business head Neil Stephens said: “We are determined to bring high-quality coffee options to millions of more consumers.

“Our coffee portfolio now boasts three iconic brands: Nescafé, Nespresso and Starbucks and we are constantly exploring new ways to bring these much-loved brands to more people than ever before.

Starbucks by Nespresso is a great example of our business focusing on coffee as a high growth area. It’s just the latest in our long series of upcoming and exciting coffee innovations.”

Nestlé has said that the product’s aluminium capsules can be infinitely recycled, as the previously used coffee grounds are made up of compostable material.

Nestlé’s agreement with Starbucks has helped to strengthen its position in the coffee business. The agreement saw the company pay US$7.15 billion inn cash for exclusive rights to sell Starbucks’ line of packaged coffees and teas last year. 

Under the new partnership, the two companies will work together on Starbucks’ existing range of roast and ground coffee, in addition to instant and portioned coffee.

The agreement will see the company market the products at grocery stores and online in 14 markets, including Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, Mexico, the Netherlands, South Korea, Spain and Britain.

Nestlé said the deal will allow it to capture new growth opportunities and strengthen its global leadership position in the coffee business. 

Nestle is building on Starbucks existing product range and taking it to new markets under the deal, which allows Starbucks to focus on its cafes and Nestle, with its retail expertise, to bring Starbucks coffee to supermarket shelves around the world.

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