JAPAN – Nestle Japan has launched a new 70% dark chocolate made entirely from cocoa fruit using cacao beans and white pulp, without adding any refined sugar.

The new chocolate confectionery which is said to deliver natural sweetness and subtle acidity is set to debut in Japan in the autumn of this year through its KitKat Chocolatory.

Other product launches and sales are expected to kick off in other countries starting next year through its popular brands.

The new range was created based on a natural approach, which allows extraction of the pulp used in chocolate without compromising on taste, texture and quality.

“We’re proud to bring chocolate lovers a new chocolate made entirely from the cocoa fruit without adding refined sugar,” said Patrice Bula, Head of Strategic Business Units, Marketing and Sales at Nestlé.

“This is a real innovation which uses the natural sweetness of the cocoa pulp to provide a pure, novel chocolate experience.”

This is the first time Nestle has created a chocolate product without adding refined sugars to deliver a quality product using only one ingredient, the cocoa fruit.

The cocoa fruit contains cocoa beans and cocoa pulp which is oftenly used in the fermentation of the cocoa beans.

Through the new innovation approach, Nestle uses the pulp, usually soft, sweet and white in colour as an ingredient to naturally sweeten chocolate.

The company is applying patent for the viscosity adjustment and control of chocolate in the process of drying and pulverizing cacao pulp and adding it to chocolate instead of sugar.

Last year, Nestle launched he first cacao-derived pink-colored confectionery, Ruby Chocolate under the KITKAT brand name.

The KitKat Chocolatory Sublime Ruby variety of chocolate features an attractive natural pink colour achieved without using any additives and a fruity flavor reminiscent of berries.

In January, it also launched Volcanic Chocolate, a confectionery made from a rare type of cacao cultivated on volcanic island.