GHANA – Nestlé Ghana, leading nutrition, health and wellness company, has launched a new variant of its MAGGI brand known as “MAGGI Dεdεεdε” as it seeks to grow it ambitions to provide safe and quality nutrition across the country.

The product, which is made of shrimp, garlic, fish and other natural ingredients and fortified with micronutrients, fulfills the brand’s commitment of using locally available ingredients in its production.

Speaking during the launch of the product, Philomena Tan, the Managing Director of Nestlé Ghana, said that the formulation affirmed the company’s commitment in contributing to the growth and wellbeing of Ghanaians.

“As a Nutrition Health and Wellness Company, we have a purpose to enhance the quality of life and contribute to a healthier future of consumers.

We believe that we can achieve this purpose through the provision of product choices that have been developed through innovation and scientific findings,” she said.

She said the company was committed continually provide quality and nutritious choices that using local ingredients rich in vitamins needed for the wellbeing of consumers, reports GhanaWeb.

Dominique Allier, the Business Executive Officer, Culinary, Nestlé Central and West Africa, said the product had been carefully crafted to heighten the taste of Ghana’s favourite dishes while providing natural ingredients that supported the family’s health.

He reiterated the company’s obligation to raising awareness about healthy lifestyles and improving the nutritional profile of products.

Nestlé wins Supplier Environmental Award

Nestlé’s South Africa business emerged the winner of at the Massmart Supplier Environmental Awards recognising it as top performing supplier who has demonstrated an industry led commitment to sustainable supply chain management.

Massmart Awards Nestle

The Massmart awards are part retailer’s strategy in understanding and tracking the progress of their suppliers in ensuring their products are manufactured sustainably.

Speaking during the award ceremony Massmart Sustainability Executive Alexander Haw said:

“Nestlé’s Zero Water manufacturing facility in Mossel Bay, Western Cape is an incredible example of outstanding environmental stewardship and sets the company apart as leader in sustainability.

The company saved an impressive 168 million litres of water through this zero water technology dairy manufacturing facility.”

Since 2009, Massmart has profiled and benchmarked the environmental practices of more than 2000 suppliers through focused advocacy surveys and environmental assessments.