SWITZERLAND – Nestlé Health Science (NHSc), through its USA based Atrium Professional Brands business has acquired PersonaTM in a move that seeks to enable the company expand into personalized nutrition sector.

Established in 2017, PersonaTM is a leading personalized vitamin business and Nestlé is confident that the acquisition will enable it to advance personalized nutrition to meet growing consumer demand.

 “Persona’s expertise in personalized nutrition brings a new dimension to the growing Nestlé Health Science portfolio,” said Greg Behar, chief executive officer of Nestlé Health Science.

“There’s increasing interest in personalization among consumers and with this acquisition, we will bring together the technology of Persona and the trusted Atrium Professional Brands’ vitamins and supplements,” Behar added.

Persona’s science-based proprietary technology takes into account specific factors in a consumer’s lifestyle, history and individual needs to develop a customized nutritional assessment.

Persona’s algorithm is based on comprehensive research studies and the expertise of the company’s Medical Advisory Board in order to meet consumers’ needs by identifying the right nutritional supplements for their unique needs.

Nestlé said that the acquisition will further support the healthcare professionals in Atrium Professional Brands’ longstanding network with their recommendations to their patients and consumers.

“Atrium is thrilled to harness Persona’s advanced technology platformto bring our customers new opportunities to personalize their nutrition,” says Kyle Bliffert, President of Atrium Professional Brands.

“This strategic acquisition will also enhance the Persona experience by leveraging Atrium’s nearly 30-year industry expertise, bringing valuable finished product and brand development knowledge to the partnership.”

The personalized nutrition and wellness retail market, which includes dietary supplements, nutraceuticals and functional foods, is rapidly expanding with estimates that it will reach US$50 billion by 2025.

“We are excited to join the Nestlé Health Science family as we share a common mission to revolutionize daily nutrition and give more people a personalized approach to their wellness,”said Jason Brown, co-founder and CEO of Persona.

“Nestlé Health Science’s deep knowledge and research into science-based nutritional health solutions and Atrium’s expertise in leading free-from supplement brands are a natural fit for accelerating growth.

“We will bring consumers and healthcare practitioners the finest personalized nutrition program available while continuing to expand delivery of high-quality personalized daily vitamin and dietary supplement packs direct to consumers’ doorsteps through our online subscription service.”

Persona will operate under Nestle’s Health Science Atrium Professional Brands in the US. NHSc plans to expand into further geographic areas in the future.