Nestlé Health Sciences forms strategic partnership with Caelus Health

NETHERLANDS – Nestlé Health Sciences (NHSc) has entered into a strategic collaboration with Amsterdam based biotech company, Caelus Health for the development of food supplements.

The aim the collaboration is to further develop and commercialize food supplements based on specific microbiota for the purpose of early intervention and nutritional management of diabetes and certain liver disorders.

The global development and option agreement signed between the two companies will provide Caelus Health with funding to further pursue the preclinical and clinical development of its lead microbiome-based products.

The companies highlighted that the most advanced product is based on Eubacterium hallii (E. hallii) and will be further tested in an upcoming clinical study in obese subjects at risk of Type 2 diabetes.

According to the terms of the agreement, NHSc has an option to obtain exclusive global commercial rights related to E. hallii. The strategic partnership also covers the interest of NHSc in future pipeline products of Caelus Health.

Over the past decade, Caelus has established a platform based on a close cooperation with the institutes of its scientific founders: Professor Max Nieuwdorp at the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam, and Professor Willem M. de Vos at Wageningen University.

The partnership will provide NHSc with access to the know-how of the founders of Caelus and to the product pipeline as basis for nutritional products.

Luc Sterkman MD, CEO of Caelus said, “We are thrilled to announce this agreement which allows Caelus to advance its lead products in further development on a fast track to the global launch of food supplements targeting cardio metabolic disorders.”

Nestlé Health Science recently launched a unique innovation for oncology patients, the ‘New BOOST Soothe Nutritional Drink’ developed in collaboration with oncology centers and cancer patients.

The innovative drink provides protein and calories as well as a cooling, soothing effect to help patients get the nutrition they need while dealing with certain side effects of cancer treatment, such as oral discomfort and taste changes.

Earlier this year, the company also acquired Persona, a personalized vitamin business founded in 2017, to further expand into personalized nutrition to meet growing consumer demand.

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