Nestlé inaugurates a new US$14m cereal snacks plant in China

CHINA – Nestlé has opened its first Gerber Nutripuff cereal snacks plant in Shuangcheng, China after investing approximately RMB100 million (US$14 million).

Equipped with high-tech automatic equipment, including fully automated canning and packaging lines imported from the UK, USA and Switzerland, the production line has an annual production capacity of about 1,400 tons.

Gerber is an iconic baby nutrition brand under Nestlé known for its infant supplement food, with many sub-categories including infant cereals, fruit and vegetable puree and puffs.

The new facility will produce puff products of Gerber, including organic and non-organic puff products, with a total of 8 flavors packed in 100% recyclable cans and flexible packaging, reflecting Nestlé’s strong commitment to sustainability.

Rashid Qureshi, Chairman and CEO of Nestlé Greater China, said: “This new factory represents Nestlé’s latest investment in Shuangcheng and demonstrates Nestlé’s great confidence and firm commitment to the Chinese market.

“I am honored to witness Nestlé’s milestone in Shuangcheng together with everyone. Nestlé and Shuangcheng have written a positive story of sincere cooperation, and we have every reason to continue such success.”

Binu Jacob, senior vice president of Infant Nutrition Business Unit for Nestlé Greater China, addded: “Nestlé has been committed to providing Chinese consumers with nutritious, healthy and safe products to help people live healthier.

“This time, in the construction of Gerber Nutripuff factory in Shuangcheng, we hope to provide nutritious and quality-assured supplement food to help Chinese babies to meet their growing needs at different stages.

“We also believe that Nestlé’s technical advantages and industrial advantages of Shuangcheng will create greater economic and social benefits, promote the development and upgrading of Shuangcheng agriculture and food industry, and promote a win-win for local economic and social development.”

Nestlé’s first factory in China, established in Shuangcheng, produces milk powder, cereals, and infant formula. Built in 1987 at the beginning of China’s reform and opening-up, the milk factory signaled the start of Nestlé’s journey in China.

To support and promote the transformation and modernization of China’s dairy farming industry the company has also invested in the construction of a Dairy Farming Institute in Shuangcheng.

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