CHINA – Nestlé, a global food and beverage manufacturer, has announced the launch of N3 milk, a product that not only retains all the essential nutrients found in cow’s milk but also boasts new nutritional benefits.

The Swiss-based company introduced the innovative dairy product to the Chinese market, strategically unveiling it as part of a new range of powdered milks under the N3 brand.

“Nestlé’s N3 milk is not just your typical dairy offering; it is meticulously crafted using proprietary technology aimed at reducing lactose content through specialized enzymes,” the company said in a release.

“The result is a milk variant that is not only low in lactose but also contains over 15% fewer calories compared to traditional cow’s milk. Additionally, N3 milk stands out by incorporating prebiotic fibers, contributing to a range of health benefits.”

According to clinical studies conducted by Nestlé, these prebiotic fibers in the product stimulate the growth of various bifidobacteria strains by up to three-fold.

“This breakthrough showcases tangible advantages for gut microbiome health in healthy adults, aligning with the growing emphasis on the importance of digestive wellness in overall health.”

The N3 brand in China features a diverse range of powdered milks, including full cream and skimmed milk products, both rich in protein to support a well-balanced diet for families.

Recognizing the unique nutritional needs associated with aging, Nestlé has also fortified two products in the N3 range with vitamins, minerals, and probiotics.

The additions aim to bolster bone health, muscle growth, strength, and immunity, catering to the evolving nutritional requirements of an aging population.

“We are excited to launch this unique science-based innovation that contains all the key nutrients of milk but is low in lactose and contains special prebiotic fibers associated with various health benefits,” Stefan Palzer, Nestlé Chief Technology Officer said.

He emphasized Nestlé’s commitment to cutting-edge technologies that can be applied across different categories, brands, and geographies.

Nestlé’s venture into prebiotic fibers within milk represents a milestone in the industry, with the company leveraging its global research and development capabilities.

The technology, initially developed in Switzerland and Singapore, was adapted locally by experts at the Beijing R&D center, ensuring that the product aligns seamlessly with the dietary needs and preferences of Chinese consumers.

China, with its rapidly growing aging population and a significant portion of the population sensitive to lactose, provides a strategic market for N3 milk.

“N3 will transform the milk-drinking experience for Chinese consumers by enabling those with lactose and gastrointestinal sensitivities to enjoy a glass of nutritious milk without worries,” David Zhang, CEO, Zone Greater China for Nestlé, stated.