SWITZERLAND – Nestlé has launched nesQino, a smart and simple solution that the company says enables people to personalize healthy superfood drinks made from 100% natural ingredients.

First launched in China, nesQino comprises a silent, digitally connected Q-cup machine, superfood sachets, and three different base sachets: smoothie, oat shake and milk shake.

With nesQino, Nestlé says that consumers can make 21 different superfood drink recipes at home or in the office designed by creative nutritionists using different types of ingredients known to be healthy.

People simply choose one superfood sachet and one base sachet, pour the contents into the Q-cup with water and select the desired temperature – for a hot or cold beverage ready in just two minutes, the company explains.

Mayank Trivedi, Head of Nestlé’s Dairy Strategic Business Unit, said: “nesQino is a personalized solution that reinvents good-for-you drinks to create wellness that fits the lives of our consumers.

“In all our recipes, we’ve used a selection of natural ingredients known to do you good, to create delicious customizable drinks.”

Alfred Yoakim, Head of Nestlé System Technology Centre, adds: “In 18 months the team has developed a full range of products and system for nesQino.

“It is completely new in the Nestlé world, with all kinds of natural ingredients and superfoods. We also designed the Q-cup to blend the product perfectly and release the natural goodness of these ingredients.”

The superfood sachets are made from ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, roots and microalgae and also contain probiotics to help boost overall wellbeing.

Complementary base sachets are made from dairy milks, cereals, and plant-based ingredients.

Using advanced flash-freezing and drying techniques, combined with patented powder technologies developed by the Nestlé R&D team, the company noted that the ingredients are naturally preserved with no additives, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. The packaging is recyclable in China.

The company has also developed the nesQino smartphone mini program (app) which allows consumers to personalize drink temperature, explore recipe combinations, access nutritional information, and interact and share recipes with friends.