JAPAN – Nestlé Japan Ltd has launched world’s first KitKat Chocolatory Sublime Ruby variety of chocolate that would be distributed exclusively at KITKAT specialty store “KITKAT Chocolatory” in Japan and Korea.

The Ruby chocolate is a new variety that adds to the bitter, milk, and white chocolates loved by many for their sweetness and subtle bitterness.

Sublime Ruby is characterized by its attractive natural pink colour achieved without using any additives and a fruity flavor reminiscent of berries.

The chocolate, developed by the Swiss chocolate maker Barry Callebaut, will be available online besides the KITKAT Chocolatory stores, whose premium KITKAT chocolates are created with meticulous attention paid to ingredients and preparation methods.

Barry Callebaut, with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, is one of the top makers of high quality cocoa and chocolate products in the world.

It also supplies food products as a Bto-B company throughout the food industry, including everything from global and local food companies to specialist commercial operations including chocolatiers, pâtissiers, bakers, hotels, restaurants, and catering companies.

KITKAT chocolate brand, launched in the U.K. in 1935 has expanded its sales basket into more than 100 countries around the world.

KITKAT products are popular as a communication tool for expressing support and gratitude and other messages to loved ones and so on, especially to students sitting entrance exams during exam season, but also people who are working hard to achieve other kinds of goals throughout the year.

The release of a wide range of flavors including Matcha, Japanese Sake flavor, and the “KITKAT Chocolatory” series produced under the supervision of a popular patissier, has made Japanese KITKATs highly popular both in Japan and abroad.

The product has been made more appealing through the development of several new innovative KITKAT products.

KITKAT Chocolatory aims to be a shop where customers from many different age groups can interact and experience new fun and breaks by indulging in the attention to quality and detail of chocolatiers and the excitement of a chocolate factory