Nestlé launches Wunda, new plant-based milk that performs just like milk in all applications

EUROPE- Nestlé has announced that it is launching Wunda, a new pea-based beverage that is ‘epic in everything that you would otherwise use milk for.

According to a statement from the company, you can drink the new drink straight from the packaging, pour over cereal, use in hot beverages, froth it, cook with it and much more.


The Wunda range is made from yellow peas which provide high-quality protein and are sourced in France and Belgium.

The drinks are high in fiber, low in sugar and fat, enriched with calcium and are a source of vitamins D, B2 and B12.

According to Nestlé,  the original, unsweetened and chocolate recipes all achieve a Nutri-Score A in Europe.

Apart from being nutritions, Nestlé notes that the Wunda beverages are carbon neutral from launch and certified by the Carbon Trust.


This is achieved through several measures along the supply chain such as using renewable energy in production, while reducing emissions during distribution.

Since emissions cannot be eliminated, at least with existing technology, the brand has committed to  invest in high-quality offsetting projects in order to achieve a truly carbon neutral footprint.

Wunda’s launch is timely as it coming to the market at a time when more and more people are turning to alternatives to milk for their daily cereal, latte, desserts, baking or cooking.

Most cereal-, nut- or pea-based milk alternatives have a specific taste, are low in protein, or don’t mix or foam well in hot beverages.

The lack of a product closely similar to milk in all aspects meant consumers needed two or three plant-based options for different uses.


Nestlé notes that the product developed by its “intrapreneurs” aims to address this gap and offer consumers one product that they can rely on in every use that would have naturally required milk.

“This truly versatile, delicious pea-based beverage is an excellent source of protein and fiber. Its great neutral taste, the ability to use it for different applications and the fact that it is carbon neutral make it an ideal plant-based alternative to milk,” Stefan Palzer, Nestlé Chief Technology Officer, said.

Wunda will launch first in France, the Netherlands and Portugal, with a roll-out to other European markets planned.

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