Nestle Nigeria reaffirms commitment to responsible sourcing

NIGERIA – Nestle Nigeria Plc has reaffirmed commitment to responsible sourcing at its last Supplier’s Day event which had brought together major players who supply raw materials, packaging materials, services and indirect materials to Nestle, a Beverage Industry News report reveals.

The event was an opportunity to consolidate existing relationships as well as ensure best practices in sourcing.

Nestor Finalo, the Supply Chain Manager for Nestle Nigeria revealed that the firm had attained about 80% local sourcing in 2018 and said it is poised to increase the percentages where possible in the coming years.

 “We work with more than 1,000 direct suppliers, 700 of which are local suppliers.

 We hope to invest more in local suppliers who are able to meet with the quality requirements of Nestle,” he said.

Responsible sourcing has always been a major goal at Nestle Nigeria’s operations, especially where consumers and stakeholders are enlightened about traceability.

In line with Nestle’s Creating Shared Value principles, the firm has pledged its support to suppliers to ensure continued growth their businesses while contributing to the company’s growth.

Nestle has responded to these demands by ensuring transparency and compliance in its supply through suppliers’ conformance to the highest ethical standards and procedures.

“All our suppliers must imbibe and adhere to good ethical practices whether in terms of labour laws, working hours or relationship with the environment.

We have also put structures in place to ensure that quality is not compromised,” Mr. Finalo said.

On their part, suppliers at the event reaffirmed their trust in Nestle while identifying opportunities for improvement to better meet the company’s requirements.

“We are confident that we will be able to reach and surpass Nestle’s standards on quality.

We are happy about our partnership and hope to do more with Nestle in the coming years,” said one of the key players in a comment.

Mr. Finalo said that Nestle Suppliers Day will continue to be held annually as a means of strengthen supplier relationships.

“This event will be carried out yearly to keep you abreast of the company’s best practices and to develop even stronger partnerships.

 We will also hold workshops and joint trainings to improve the quality of deliveries and empower you, our esteemed suppliers,” said Mr. Nestor Finalo.

Attendees at the event included top management executives of all Nestle key suppliers.

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