NIGERIA – Nestle Nigeria Plc on Tuesday at its Lagos Headquarters unveiled a ready-to-drink version of MILO, the company’s flagship brand.

The company which launched the new RTD at a Retailers’ Conference said that the product is made from natural products like cocoa, malt and milk, adding that it contains no preservatives and provides essential nutrients such as proteins as well as Nestle’s blend of vitamins, ACTIVE-GO (vitamins B3, B2, B6, B12, Vitamins C & D) and minerals including calcium and iron.

In a statement on Wednesday, the company’s Corporate Communications & Public Affairs Manager, Victoria Uwadoka, stressed that the product’s packaging had made it easy for parents to give their children adequate nutrition.

While commenting on the launch, Mauricio Alarcon, Nestle Nigeria’s Managing Director, noted that MILO RTD combined the great MILO taste and high nutritional value into a format that meets the needs of parents who want to ensure that their children are getting the right nourishment daily.

“Milo in the ready to drink format, is now readily available to families across Nigeria.

“Now parents can include Milo RTD in children’s lunch boxes and be reassured that their children have the appropriate, healthy snack time option when out of their homes.

“The new RTD format is inspired by Nestlé’s desire to help meet the needs of growing children while adhering to Nestlé’s high-quality standards,’’ the statement quoted Alarcon as saying.

John Miller, Nestle’s Senior Vice President for Asia, Oceania and Sub-Saharan Africa (AOA), who unveiled MILO RTD, said the company would continue to drive innovation in the beverage industry.

“Investing in Nigeria’s economy forms part of our global business strategy to drive innovation with nutrition-based solutions that enable healthier and happier lives.’’

Nestle Nigeria’s launch of a Ready-To-Drink version of its famous MILO brand comes barely two months after Chi Limited, another beverage giant unveiled its Hollandia Choco Malt 3-in-1 RTD.

While Nestle’s Milo is the undisputed market leader in cocoa-based breakfast drinks targeting children, the trend away from powdered-based cocoa drinks to RTDs by both large and small rivals must have factored into the company’s decision to make a stand in this category.

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