USA – World’s largest food company, Nestlé has unveiled an animal-free dairy beverage dubbed cowabunga to be trialled in six select Safeway stores in san Francisco, California.

The new dairy beverages containing Perfect Day’s animal-free protein will be available in milk and chocolate flavours and will be fortified with calcium and vitamin D.

The brand will be marketed as lactose-free beverages rather than milk drinks under Nestlé’s new Cowabunga brand.

Nestlé and Perfect Day announced their partnership to develop animal-free dairy products earlier this year through the company’s newly-established R+D Accelerator based in the US.

“We’re excited to share that Nestlé will begin testing its new Cowabunga Animal-Free Dairy Beverages, made with Perfect Day’s sustainable, animal-free whey protein,” Perfect Day said in a statement through their social media.

Since its creation in 2014, Perfect Day has secured a total of US$750 million in funding and also created a line for Mars chocolate bars but it is mainly known for its animal-free dairy line.

Animal-free dairy is produced through fermentation by culturing bio-engineered microbes in the whey to produce dairy proteins. The proteins are then extracted and converted into dairy products like ice cream and cheese.

The launch of the cowabunga products coincides with other nestlé’s investments in plant-based meat and dairy alternatives in order to meet the growing consumer demand for nutritious and more environmentally friendly diets.

 “This animal-free protein used in our climate-conscious milk emits up to 80% less greenhouse gas emissions and up to 94% less water compared to that of traditional dairy milk,” reads the website of Cowabunga.

The food and beverage company recently announced a limited edition vegan foie gras under its Garden Gourmet label together with plant-based eggs launching in Latin American countries.

Unilever also recently announced that it is developing a cow-free dairy alternative with start-ups in Europe and that the product will be launched next year.

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