UK – Global food and drinks giant, Nestle has released data about its food waste to the public in a strategy to enhance transparency as it strives to reduce food loss and waste across the UK.

The company has also published targets to reduce food loss in its operations as part of the UK Food Waste Reduction Roadmap, an initiative that helps businesses map their waste output.

Since 2016, Nestle said it has reduced its food waste levels by 8.2% by adopting the WRAP and IGD developed ‘Target, Measure and Act’ (TMA) approach as well as the UK Measurements and Reporting Guidelines.

This builds on the 2015 breakthrough, when it said it had achieved zero waste for disposal (including food waste) across its entire UK and Irish operation.

Through partnerships with organisations such as Fareshare and Company Shop and Food Cloud, Nestle has been working to redistribute the equivalent of more than 7 million meals to those who need them.

“I am very proud that Nestlé is one of the first to commit to the Food Waste Reduction Roadmap,” said Stefano Agostini, CEO for Nestlé UK & Ireland.

“Only by working together can we address the issue of food waste at the pace and scale required.

“There is always more that can be done, and I would actively encourage all businesses to sign up and take action to reduce food waste.”

The UK Food Waste Reduction Roadmap is a world first initiative aimed at encouraging businesses to take action to tackle food waste in their supply chains and increase transparency.

According to Nestle, there are more than 10 million tonnes of food wasted in the UK every year and the food waste challenge sets out the inventiveness to deliver the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of reducing food waste by 50% by 2030.

“Nestlé UK and Ireland has been very engaged in reducing food waste within its operations for a number of years and is an active signatory to the Courtauld Commitment 2025,” said Peter Maddox, WRAP (Waste and Resource Action Plan) Director.

“We are delighted that the company has taken this step and is demonstrating its commitment to reducing the environmental impact of food waste through use of the Food Waste Reduction Roadmap.

“Nestlé UK and Ireland has shown it is possible to make a significant food waste reduction and I encourage other businesses to follow this lead to adopt the ‘Target, Measure, Act’ principles, and resources of the Food Waste Reduction Roadmap.”

In Switzerland, Nestle works through an initiative called SAVE FOOD in collaboration with Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) to create awareness and help prevent food loss.

This further accelerates Nestle’s journey in promoting transparency across its entire supply chain, after disclosing the list of its soy, meat, vanilla and hazelnut suppliers last February.