Nestlé re-launches reformulated MILO Activ-Go

KENYA – Nestlé Kenya has announced the re-launch of MILO, a popular cocoa and malt beverage, with a new formulation, Activ-Go, to offer energy release in the body, reduce fatigue and improve normal bone and muscle function.

The new MILO with Activ-Go is made from a special blend of Protomalt, (a malt extract made from malted barley grains), vitamins and minerals uniquely mixed with milk and cocoa, packed in small packs which retail for as little as Sh10 (10 US cents).

Nestle plans on infiltrating its products into the low income markets, which saw its launch of the 10-gramme Milo pack, affordable and available for extensive distribution in the kiosks and dukas countrywide, according to Nestlé East Africa Cluster Marketing Manager, Ms Lilian Mackenzie.

The new Milo Activ-Go formula will be presented with an easier-to-dissolve powder form, a change from the previous granular form.

It will be available in a 100gramme tin retailing at Sh200 (US$2), 200grammes tin at Sh380 (US$3.80) and 400grammes tin at Sh650 (US$6.50).

“The re-launch of the renowned energy food drink is in line with Nestle’s dedication to innovation and continuously improving the nutritional value of its products, ” Mackenzie said.

The Swiss transnational food and drink company launched the company’s Nescafe 3 in 1 in an 18-gramme pack in a bid to ensure that more Kenyans had access to the product, earlier in March this year.

“Drinking MILO as part of a healthy breakfast provides all the essential nutrients that help prepare you and your family to get the most out of your day,” added Mackenzie.

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