FRANCE – Nestle SA, in line with its innovation models called ‘internal incubators’ will invest in Outsiders Pizza Co. and Wildscape brands as part of its innovation approach through start-ups.

The investment enables Nestle combine its broad capabilities and strength with the speed and mentality of a start-up in order to conform to the ever changing and competitive retail environment.

In this way, it is able to tackle shifts in the market including consumer habits, behaviour and engagement with brands to how goods are purchased.

Outsiders Pizza Co. is part of Foundry Foods, an innovation incubator backed by Nestle USA and it offers frozen pizza based on regional styles like Detroit and Milwaukee.

On the other hand, Wildscape offers frozen food meals made from chunks of vegetables, whole grains and meat.

“What we try to do there is to reproduce what start-up companies would do but benefitting from the scale and the strength of Nestle,” said Laurent Freixe, executive vice president of Nestle S.A.

“Now it’s clear that Wildscape (and) Outsiders Pizza Co. are relatively small businesses today.

“We have to be patient. We have to continue supporting them. We have to plant the seeds.”

Wildscape range includes portobellos, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, Brussels’ sprouts, quinoa, sorghum, freekeh, farro.

To tap into today’s consumer trends, Nestle SA is reviving its classic brands with modern innovation including the launch of Coffee-mate Natural Bliss plant-based coffee creamers in four varieties as well as Stouffer’s organic frozen meals and Haagen-Dazs non-dairy desserts.

Meanwhile, speaking on Nestle’s coffee plans, Freixe said Nestle, Vevey, Switzerland, in May received perpetual rights to market Starbucks consumer and food service products globally, outside of Starbucks’ coffee shops.

Starbucks is an addition to Nestle’s coffee portfolio which includes Nespresso and Nescafe.