SWITZERLAND – Nestlé Waters has announced a US$25 million modernisation of its bottling site at Henniez, Switzerland as the bottled water is a high-growth category for Nestlé.

Production at Henniez will become more flexible and innovative in order to meet current and future consumer trends.

The project will see two older mineral water glass bottling lines replaced by one new, modern line, as well as set up a new production facility for flavoured beverages and juices.

As part of its commitment to the environment and the region, Nestlé Waters Switzerland is helping protect more than 2400 hectares around the Henniez source.

The ECO-Broye water stewardship programme brings together around 70 farmers, local authorities and regional business to protect the local water resources and promote biodiversity in the region.

This new investment, H2Orizon 2020,  is the largest ever made in the bottling plant situated in the industrial zone of Treize-Cantons and will result in more flexible and competitive production to respond even better to client and customer expectations, as well as future production needs.

The key elements of H2Orizon 2020, which will be implemented between 2018 and 2020, include innovation, with the installation of a new production space for the preparation of flavored waters and fruit juices.

Following the H2Orizon 2020 project, the Henniez village site will be closed in early 2020.

This reorganization will not result in any personnel layoffs.

“The investment that Nestlé Waters has committed for the Treize-Cantons site is a strong signal for our region and for the sustainability of jobs,” said the the municipality of Henniez, expressing their satisfaction with the project.

“Thanks to this investment, we reinforce the Henniez production site and equip it for the future development of our strong brands,” stated Alessandro Rigoni, General Director, Nestlé Waters Switzerland.

“We have established an exemplary partnership with the most important actors of the region, notable with the ECO-Broye environmental project, which protects Henniez’ water resources. And we will continue on this path in the future.”