Nestlé Waters North America expands its ReadyRefresh beverage portfolio

USA – Nestlé Waters North America is expanding its beverage portfolio under the ReadyRefresh brand to offer customers coconut water, fiber-infused water, nitro cold brew coffee and energy drinks.

While the ReadyRefresh recently introduced Vita Coco’s coconut water, the beverage firm has unveiled plans of introducing hellowater’s fiber-infused flavored waters, RISE Brewing’s nitro cold brew coffee cans, and UPTIME’s energy drinks.

“We take pride in understanding the types of products our customers want and taking action to meet their needs,” said Henrik Jelert, Executive Vice President, ReadyRefresh.

“That is why we’re introducing new and innovative beverages that excite our customers and complement our healthy hydration options. 

Charles van Es, Chief Sales Officer of Vita Coco, added: “It’s our mission to make better-for you-beverages, like coconut water, more accessible and conveniently available to people.

“ReadyRefresh is a great platform for new consumers to discover the brand from the convenience of their homes and explore how coconut water can fit into their daily routine.”

In the coming months, ReadyRefresh will introduce hellowater’s Mixed Berry, Orange Mango and Cucumber Lime flavoured waters.

“Being able to deliver our products through ReadyRefresh is an amazing opportunity to help continue our goal of connecting with millions of people to inspire health,” said Tom Bushkie & Rusty Jones, Co-Founders at hellowater.

“We believe our zero sugar, low calorie, prebiotic fiber-infused beverages will be a great complement to the portfolio and the white glove service ReadyRefresh provides their loyal customers.”

The platform will also intoruce all the four coffee flavours from RISE Brewing and UPTIME’s Original Citrus, Blood Orange and White Peach Lemonade energy drinks.

“Launching with ReadyRefresh is one of RISE’s most exciting partnerships to date,” said Grant Gyesky, RISE Brewing Co. Co-Founder & CEO.

“Not only does it allow RISE to be accessible to the majority of the U.S. population, but it also brings us full circle from our founding when we would order 5-gallon containers from ReadyRefresh to brew our nitro cold brew coffee.”

“We are thrilled to join the ReadyRefresh family of superior beverages with our premium energy drink which is designed to bring mental clarity and focus,” said Benjamin Kim, CEO of UPTIME Energy.

 “Our customers absolutely love our sugar-free options and to kick off the New Year, ReadyRefresh will offer our Original Citrus, Blood Orange and White Peach Lemonade flavors.”

In addition to ReadyRefresh’s expansive delivery network, Vita Coco, hellowater, RISE Brewing and UPTIME will be able to reach new customers directly as well as through their own distribution channels.

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