ZAMBIA – Zambia is next month expected to have a first-ever mayonnaise-producing factory following the K5 million investment by Uberty Food Industries of Turkey.

The factory to be commissioned in Lusaka is expected to meet the growing demand for salad creamers on the market currently being met by imported products.

Zambian-Turkish Business Association president Izzet Ugur said commissioning of the factory will contribute to the development of the food processing industry in the country.

“The project has advanced and is expected to be commissioned in a month’s time.

The mayonnaise on the market is all imported, so Uberty Food Industries wants to produce the product right here in the country,” he said in an interview recently.  

He said about 30 jobs will be created for local people at the initial stage.

Mr Ugur also said the company intends to produce ketchup once the food processing company is fully established.

“The food processing industry remains underexploited in the country and there is need for investors to exploit the sub-sector.

“As Turkish investors, we are committed to help market the potential that Zambia has in the food processing industry as well as other economic sectors to help create jobs,” he said.

May 1, 2017: Zambia Daily Mail