NIGERIA – Bature Brewery, Nigeria’s first independent craft brewery is seeking to raise US$2m to spearhead its expansion plans across West Africa.

Inspired by the Naija hustle and a passion for creating unique beers using local ingredients, the craft beer maker set up the country’s first micro-brewery in the nation’s capital, Abuja.

Governed by the principles of quality, sustainability and fun times, Bature, readies establishment of a new facility in Lagos, the country’s largest city.

“From our award-winning Black Gold to our Lagos Lager we are already the fastest growing craft brewery in Nigeria.

“Fusing flavours, culture and quality! This next step takes us further towards our dream of creating an unforgettable experience in every drop of craft beer, every location, every time. Let’s put Nigeria on the map for the world’s best and most interesting beers!” stated Kevin Conroy, Co-Founder and Innovation Commander at the company.

The craft beer scene is still at its infancy stage in most African countries including Nigeria as compared to South Africa.

The rainbow nation deemed to be the pioneer of Craft beer in Africa opened doors to its first craft brewery, Mitchell’s Brewery in 1983 and since then, the landscape has changed tremendously and is now dotted with over 215 breweries, according to Craft Brewers Association South Africa.

Although an attractive venture, the industry in Africa is not without its challenges for instance limitations in technical expertise to produce high quality drinks.

Sourcing raw materials and the requisite equipment is also another challenge that craft beer makers must overcome.

Despite the challenges that the industry faces in the continent, analysts project that just like in the rest of the world, craft beer in the continent is expected to continue posting strong growth in the coming years.

Rising incomes in the continent compounded by a rising consumer preference to new styles and flavours offered by craft beer are expected to continue fuelling the growth of craft beer in the continent.

Market Data forecasts the craft beer market in Middle East and Africa region will grow at a CAGR of 29% between 2020 and 2025.

This is a fourfold growth compared to the 7% growth that the rest of beer industry is expected to achieve during the same period.

It further projects that the craft beer market in the region which is currently worth US$8.75 million will be worth US$39.45 million in 2025.

Craft beer entrepreneurs are equally optimist about the potential of Africa’s craft beer with likes of Bature Brewery wooing investors into participating in their fundraising rounds.

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