NIGERIA – Mamba Energy drink said to be one of the fastest growing energy drink brands in Nigeria, has officially been launched after the premium energy drink brand first entered the market two years ago.

An article by the Beverage Industry news reported that the launch took place on 20 June 2018, meant to strengthen the position of the brand as a premium tasting non-alcoholic beverage.

This marks the beginning of a series of marketing and promotional activities embarked on by the manufacturer to aggressively position the brand as a leading energy drink in Nigeria in the next one year.

Mamba Energy drink boasts of being manufactured for Nigerian consumers and exclusively for Africa with careful and expertly formulation.

Speaking at the launch, the General Manager of the brand, Mrs. Titilola Adedeji said Mamba is made to align with the lifestyle choice of health conscious consumers because it is ow on caffeine and taurine content.

“Mamba Energy Drink is more than just the typical energy drink.

It contains Citric Acid, an oxidant which enhances skin tissue regeneration, smoothness and perfection.

It is also healthy due to reduced caffeine and taurine content with increased Vitamin B,” she said.

“We want to be very strategic and creative in our brand management approach such that establishing our brand’s identity in both the conscious and the subconscious of the average Nigerian energy drink consumers will be easy to achieve.”

To keep the brand on a competitive edge, Adedeji added the drink is a high quality product, has a unique and distinctive taste to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

According to the Managing Director/CEO of Mamba Drinks Limited, Mr. Ayo Ojuroye, the official launch of the of the brand was delayed because of the need to test the market and lay a solid foundation for sustainability of the product.

“We wanted to be sure that this is a product that is going to have sustainability, because there have been a lot of players that have come in and gone.

We believe this is the right time to officially launch the product.”

Though only available in Lagos, plans are underway to expand the drink to other states and eventually export it to the rest of Africa, said the owners of the brand.