NIGERIA – Nigerian Bottling Company, a member of the Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company, has introduced a new 40cl PET bottle for the Schweppes brand of carbonated soft drink.

All three Schweppes variants: Virgin Mojito, Chapman, and Pineapple with malt extract will be offered in this new packaging format aimed at offering more convenience to Nigerian consumers.

The introduction of the new bottle reflects Schweppe’s ongoing efforts to adapt to the evolving market and improve its environmental footprint.

Schweppes notes that the rebranding underscores its dedication to facilitating meaningful social interactions, where bonds are strengthened, and memories created.

The marketing director of Coca-Cola Nigeria, Yusuf Murtala, said, “Schweppes has a legacy of delivering exceptional and enduring flavors. Our goal is to enhance our consumers’ interaction with the brand. Through our innovative new bottles, consumers can relish our premium offerings and experience refreshment at their convenience.”

According to Murtula, Schweppes is not just a drink; it is a lifestyle that has been part of the beverage history for over two centuries.

“We are all about enhancing your Schweppes experience with these snazzy new bottles, you can savour premium sparkling refreshments at your convenience, anytime and anywhere,” he noted.