Nigerian Breweries’ beer brand Life Continental unveils ‘Progress Booster 2018’

NIGERIA – Heineken’s Nigerian unit Nigerian Breweries (NB Plc) has launched the fourth edition of its “Life Progress Booster” promo for its Life Continental Lager Beer brand, Beverage Industry News reports.

The programme is part of NB Plc’s commitment to supporting small and medium scale entrepreneurs in South-East Nigeria covering states of Abia, Anambra, Enugu, Ebonyi, Imo, Delta and Rivers, where the brand is a market leader.

It is also aimed at boosting entrepreneurial spirit of men and women for the progress of consumers in that community, with intentions to expand their businesses.

“Life Progress Booster promotion is a celebration of the essential Igbo spirit of industry, will to succeed, enterprise and passion in the world of business.

This project is, no doubt, a reinforcement of the heritage embedded in the Life Continental Lager Beer, its essence, connection and affinity with the people, and culture/lifestyle of South Easterners,” said the Portfolio Manager, mainstream Lager and Stout Brands, Emmanuel Agu.

The editions require consumers and interested participants to be operating a simple, viable, not necessarily outlandish business that he/she desires to take to the next level of success.

They then need to drop their business proposals to send in their entries then shortlisted candidates proceed to pitch their existing businesses to a team of business experts and judges.

Successful candidates across the catchment zones get to receive grants to support their businesses.

Started in 2014, the initiative has supported over 600 beneficiaries focusing on bonding with its consumers, improve the people’s economic fortunes, boost local businesses and the general economic well-being of the communities.

In the previous edition, a total of 25 entrepreneurs received cheques worth US$829.21 each to grow their respective businesses.

“This initiative was established with the aim of encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit of the Igbo people in South Eastern Nigeria.

Enugu and Ebonyi are producing the first 25 beneficiaries and the first set of entrepreneurs we are supporting this year.

The Life Progress Booster is open to both male and female small and medium scale business owners,” he added.

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