NIGERIA – Nigerian Breweries Plc, the foremost brewer in the country, has raised the bar in Nigeria’s ready-to-drink  market with the launch of “Ace Desire,” the first zobo-flavoured alcoholic drink.

Marketing Director, Nigerian Breweries Plc., Mr. Franco Maria Maggi, explained to Journalists at the launch in Lagos on Thursday, that Ace Desire is a sophisticated blend of spirit, natural Hibiscus or zobo extracts, being the traditional beverage produced from Hibiscus leaves.

“This rich combination of a balanced mix of spirit and Hibiscus extracts contains 5.5% alcohol, and offers a tingling sensation and rich aroma,” he said.

According to him, Ace Desire, packaged in a 33cl glass bottle, stands out among other products on the Ready-to-Drink category.

He added that Nigerian Breweries, “the house of quality” has delivered on yet another promise to delight consumers with the introduction of Ace Desire.

“The brand’s ambition is to lead in the Nigerian RTD category by establishing itself as the relentless pioneer of innovation,” Maggi said, while also promising that the product will be available in outlets across the country in the next few weeks.

Mr. Franco Maria Maggi disclosed that the extensions of the Ace brand have always been informed by the need to satisfy different consumer taste profiles that evolve and change over time.

Guests and consumers at the launch commended the innovation behind local extract that resulted in the refreshingly exciting aroma and taste.

They maintained that the drink remains an ace to be desired, which has also given them a new choice in the RTD category.

“This clearly shows that Nigerian Breweries is thinking and is futuristic in its approach to consumer’s needs and market variables,” Olufunke Morenikeji Ojo, a brand analyst said.

It would be recalled that Nigerian Breweries launched the Ace brand in December 2014 with an apple-flavoured alcoholic drink called Ace Passion.

In March 2015, Ace Roots, a spirit mixed alcoholic drink made from African herbs and fruits joined the Ace family, while Ace Rhythm, a mix of Vodka and Citrus was unveiled in November 2015.

July 24, 2017: ThisDay