NIGERIA- Nigerian Breweries Plc has issued a formal statement confirming Edo State High court ruling against it in the case of Prof Ernest Izevbigie vs. Nigerian Breweries Plc and says that it intends to appeal against the ruling.

The company was facing a law suit for allegedly wrongfully inscribing “low sugar”on one of its brands, Amstel Malta.

The judgment was for Nigerian Breweries the to apologize to the plaintiff for what the court described as “a trade trick”for the low sugar inscription on the label of one of the company’s brands, Amstel Malta.

Counsel to Nigerian Breweries Plc, Mr Godfrey Airmen, faulted the judgment, saying that the inscription on Amstel Malta was not misleading, as ruled by the court said that the company would appeal the ruling.

“I am glad that the Court stated in the judgment that the sugar content of the product is within the range approved by the relevant regulatory agency, and that the information on the label was not deceitful.’’

In the statement the brewery said the inscription on the Amstel Malta label was not a trade trick and that the company is committed to compliance to the framework guiding its operations.

Additionally, the company insisted that it sought and obtained all necessary regulatory approvals prior to the deployment of the said label on the Amstel Malta brand.

Indeed, the court stated in the judgment that the inscription on the label is not misleading and that the sugar content of the product is within the regulatory range.

 “The inscription admits that the product contains a certain level of sugar. It does not imply that there is no sugar.

Whether you choose low or lower sugar, it is a matter of semantics,” said Mr Godfrey.

“My client is socially and legally responsible, with credible and verifiable operational standards.

It cannot mislead its consumers and the general public.

So, my Client has decided to appeal against the judgment. This is the logicalway forward,” the counsel said.

In the statement, the company said it remains a responsible corporate firm with credible and verifiable operational standards and has never engaged in malpractice resulting to deception or misleading its consumers.