NIGERIA – The Nigerian Breweries (NB) Plc has introduced a new 45cl bottle of its leading stout brand, Legend Extra Stout, as it seeks to expand its market penetration.

According to the Portfolio Manager, National Premium Lager at NB Plc, Sarah Agha, the rich history of Legend Extra Stout is one that is replete with innovation because the brand continuously focuses on optimum consumer satisfaction.

 “This unique stout brand has undergone evolutions in times past. Since it was first launched in 1992, the brand has proven its prominence in the beer industry and has undergone various changes in its bottle shape and labelling.

“Now, we are introducing an all-new size, a 45cl sleek master which encapsulates our new brand narrative,” she said.

Sarah added that the new bottle affirms the unique positioning of Legend Extra Stout as the ‘unique bitter tasting stout of choice for the sociable, modern, ambitious and courageous Nigerian who is yearning to enjoy the finer things in life’.

“Consumers can be rest assured that the 45cl bottle remains the same full brewed stout, produced from the finest ingredients, brewed and bottled under the highest quality standards,” she noted.

Over the years, Legend Extra Stout has continued to position itself as an outstanding brand, giving the brand credibility as one of the leading stouts in the Nigerian market.

The proposition has sustained the brand’s steady market growth since its re-launch in 2009. With its most recent repositioning Legend, Extra Stout seeks to push the narrative, encouraging Nigerians to not only be real but be original as well.

With a market share of 9 per cent, Nigeria’s beer market has been rated one of the 10 fastest growing beer markets in the world. 

Having explored several marketing strategies to create brand loyalty, promoters of the leading brands in the nation’s beer market have now resorted to re-strategize, and launching a series of campaigns to remain relevant in the market.

Notably, the Legend Extra stout this year carried out a nationwide brand engagement exercise dubbed ‘Legend Real Deal Experience’ designed to attract, reward and engage Stout drinkers.

As part of its strategy to maintain its market share, Sarah says that the platform is also aimed at bringing the brand closer its consumers.