NIGERIA – Heineken, through its Nigerian bottler Nigerian Breweries, has launched two new sleek and stylish 33cl cans for the packaging of its premium beer brand in Nigeria.

This is part of the Dutch brewing company’s global roll out plan, to launch a new range of cans in an attempt to refresh its brand’s identity.

The new packaging feels bold and ambitious, a renewed statement of strength and self-consciousness, emphasized by the zoomed-in design and the floor-to-ceiling green background.

To accomplish its original intentions, Heineken turned to Amsterdam-based creative agency VBAT, asking them to design “a bold statement”.

The agency’s solution was to strip away much of the corporate messaging on the packaging, zooming in on the fundamental details at the core of the brand.

The iconic red star is now centralised, whereas the Heineken wordmark has been employed as a wrap-around text all around the can.

Speaking during the launch, Portfolio Manager, International Premium Brands, Sarah Agha said: “We’re leveraging our equity with the new design and the stylish sleek can.

“We’re also reinforcing our iconic elements like the recognizable red star and the bold green color in the most prominent design.”

The new sleek cans are very desirable especially in outdoor occasions because of Heineken’s green identity. It also raises its appeal to the mobile, city folks who love to quench their thirst on-the-go.

Commenting on the brand’s new design, the Marketing Director, Nigerian Breweries Plc, Emmanuel Oriakhi, said: “We at Heineken are very excited about this new design and product shape as we strive to consistently raise the bar in our consumer experience, with our packaging materials, activations and experiences.

“We are very confident that our consumers will share in the euphoria of these new cans and enjoy the experiences.”

Heineken promotes its brand and creates consumer engagement by creating different packaging design.

Mid-Last year Heineken Int launched a limited edition of world labels alongside a technological campaign to celebrate its presence in 192 countries.

Further providing consumers with unique remarkable experiences, Heineken Russia launched two new PET bottles.

The new bottle shapes are simple and equally eye catching and at the same time offer a great flexibility as they can be easily modified using interchangeable inserts.