NIGERIA – Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC), the Coca-Cola franchise bottler in the country, has received the prestigious Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) certification becoming the first African bottling plant to receive the award.

AWS is a global membership organisation comprising businesses and investors that seeks to contribute to the sustainability of local water resources by adopting and promoting a universal framework for the sustainable use of water.

George Polymenakos, General Manager at Nigerian Bottling Company said that the certification reinforces the company’s commitment toCoca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company’s 2025 sustainability programme.

“This is a milestone achievement for Coca‑Cola HBC, given that NBC is not only the first organisation in Nigeria, but also the first Coca‑Cola bottling plant in Africa to be certified under the AWS global water stewardship program.

Water is a key focus area of Coca‑Cola HBC’s sustainability agenda, and water stewardship and responsible water use are at the core of our business, this recognition is yet further proof of our progress.

We believe this certification will go a long way to reinforce the commitment and leadership position of NBC and Coca‑Cola Hellenic Bottling Company in driving and promoting key environmental stewardship initiatives,” he said.

For a site that to receives AWS certification it must undergo a rigorous audit to meet key indicators by third-party assessors independent of AWS or the site owners.

Water sustainability initiatives

NBC has reaffirmed its commitment to intensifying efforts at ensuring safe water management practices as part of its contribution to the Sustainable Development Goal, which highlights the needs to make water accessible for all by 2030.

Speaking during this year’s world water day, Ekuma Eze, Public Affairs and Communications Director at NBC, said that the firm is committed to promote discourse and awareness around safe water practices and other water sustainability initiatives.

As part of demonstrating its commitment to water sustainability initiatives, Mr Eze said that all NBC plants in Nigeria have been installed with effluent treatment facilities.

NBC has also partnered with the Federal Ministry of Water Resources and the Federal Capital Territory Water Board to hold water sustainability sensitization workshops in Abuja as well as commission several water projects across the state.