NIGERIA – The Farmcrowdy Group, Nigeria’s first digital agriculture platform, has announced a strategic partnership with Best Foods Livestock and Poultry Limited, an agribusiness company.

Farmcrowdy and its subsidiaries including newly launched Farmgate Africa will consolidate their financial, technology, sales and marketing resources under the agreement which seeks to increase the go-to-market efforts of the two firms.

The partnership will also work towards specifically improving the livestock value chain across the nation through Farmcrowdy’s production, reports Newswire.

The strategic partnership aims at improving the quality of meat production and processing practices in alignment with international standards as they seek to become the leading suppliers of processed meat in the country.

Mr. Emmanuel Ijewere, the Chairman of Best Foods Group and also the Vice-President of the Nigerian Agricultural Business Group (NABG) notes that the agreement will also contribute to growth in the agricultural sector.  

“According to state records, Lagos state alone consumes over 6,000 cows daily. This partnership with Farmcrowdy Group will create easy access to funds that will be used to establish the best meat processing practices utilized around the globe.

“This will eventually lead to Best Foods expanding beyond the meat industry as both companies have synergy in other areas that will be good for Nigeria’s overall agricultural space,” said Mr Ijewere.

Onyeka Akumah, Group’s chief executive and founder of Farmcrowdy Group (FCG), says

“We are going into this relationship with Best Foods for the long haul, to improve how Nigerians access quality beef.

“This relationship will see all partners work together to raise quality cattle, process and sell quality beef to major buyers around the country.

“We are therefore excited that we have a respected expert like Mr. Ijewere offering his years of experience, network, and assets to improve our process while we look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship for many years to come.”

Kenneth Obiajulu, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Farmgate Africa, added that the partnership will enable the online agro-commodity aggregator meet widening demand from a host of strategic key accounts.

“This is tremendous traction for Farmgate Africa. The increasing daily demand for meat in Lagos is encouraging and a pointer to growth.

“Part of our mandate is to reduce the spread of animal-to-human diseases by providing affordable, traceable, fit-for-slaughter and disease-free bulls coming directly from Farmcrowdy Group’s feedlots across the country,” he said.

Among the major segments of focus include modern retail facilities, restaurants, international hotel chains, schools and caterers to promote healthy and traceable meat.