Novio Group acquires packaging firms Flacopac and Deflaco

EUROPE – Novio Packaging Group, a Netherlands based packaging manufacturer has acquired the Dutch packaging firm Flacopac and sister company Deflaco for an undisclosed sum.

German-based Flacopac and Switzerland’s Deflaco produces a range of food and beverage packaging such as bottles, jars and closures, thus the acquisition gives Novio a significant presence in the industry.

The transaction also increases its market share in Europe as it adds an expanded portfolio and range of products and services.

These acquisitions allow us to combine our strengths to create a broader product offer, particularly in the cosmetics and perfume sectors.

Furthermore, the addition of strong markets such as Germany and Switzerland to our sales region will allow us to consolidate and further strengthen our position in Europe.


“In combination with the high-quality services and quality focus of Flacopac/Deflaco, we see major opportunities for professionally expanding our international strength.”

The transaction will not affect the activities of Flacopac and Deflaco as they will continue at the existing sites.

Hans-Jürgen Schmidt will stay on as the Managing Director of Flacopac while Melanie von Escher continues to manage Deflaco.

Both companies will continue to operate under their current names during the coming year.

As part of the Novio Packaging Group, we will be able to develop our products and innovations more intensively and market them throughout Europe.

The acquisition is undoubtedly a step in the direction of an even more positive future as it gives us greater buying power, expands our range and improves overall professionalism.
It is beneficial for Novio Packaging Group, for us and above all for our customers.


Last year, Novio Packaging Group merged with Scandinavian Packaging A/S, a Danish packaging company to become Novio Scandinavia.

It comprises of the international packaging distribution companies Oosterbeek Packaging B.V., Alpha Packaging International B.V., Maer Flexibles B.V., Maer Hong Kong Ltd. and FehnPolycap GmbH.

In the same year, the company acquired Haal Verpakkingen B.V., a primary packaging firm for personal care, supplying packaging in plastic and glass, caps, pumps, tubes, pots and lids.

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