DENMARK – Danish based global biotechnology company Novozymes has launched a new enzyme which it says will help improve the taste of high protein drinks.

According to Novozymes, the new enzyme christened Formea® Prime will help the industry produce better tasting protein beverages that consumers seek to buy in a growing market.

Formea Prime is being launched at an opportune time when, consumers around the world are becoming increasingly concermed about their health and want to buy food that support their well-being.

As a result of this new trend, protein-enriched food & beverages, and particularly ready-to-drink protein beverages are in high demand; it’s a growing product category for sports nutrition companies and large beverage producers.

Market analytics found that alone, the global sports nutrition market is poised for exceptional expansion with industry’s growth at a CAGR of 11% toward 2023, to reach $26 billion

As the market develops, the consumer market is changing from sportsmen to everyone.

Aging people are becoming more focused on retaining muscle mass, and they also seek to buy protein fortified drinks

While health is important for consumers, many people have experienced off-tastes such as bitterness or astringency that, in many cases, come along with protein food and beverages.

To compensate, manufacturers would very often add ingredients to mask such off-tastes.

Novozymes, which is a leader in the research, development and production of industrial enzymes, however seeks to address the taste aspect of many high protein beverages to make them more appealing to consumers.

“We have developed Formea Prime to help beverage producers and brands to overcome the typical formulation challenges when using whey protein hydrolysates, particularly in ready-to-drink protein beverages,” says Christian Schmock, Head of Business Unit for Food Platforms at Novozymes

Formea Prime is a protease enzyme and it builds on Novozymes’ enzymatic Formea platform, which was developed for protein drinks.   

“Used in the production process, Formea Prime provides all the benefits of whey protein hydrolysates, such as improved stability and improved absorption – but without the problems of bitter taste,” explains Christian Schmock.

Shmock further expressed confidence that “With Formea Prime, brands do not need to add ingredients to secure the taste that consumers want.”

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