DENMARK – Novozymes, a global leader in enzyme and microbial solutions, has introduced a bio-based solution known as Vertera ProBite, designed to revolutionize the texture of plant-based meat alternatives.

The announcement comes as the latest development in Novozymes’ ongoing commitment to innovation within the food industry.

Plant-based meat alternatives have seen significant growth in recent years as consumers increasingly seek sustainable and ethical food choices.

However, one persistent challenge in this industry has been replicating the texture and mouthfeel of traditional meat products. Novozymes’ Vertera ProBite aims to tackle this issue head-on.

This innovative solution is built around the enzyme MTGase (microbial transglutaminase E.C., a naturally occurring enzyme that plays a pivotal role in enhancing the texture of plant-based meat products.

By harnessing the power of MTGase, Novozymes aims to provide manufacturers with a tool to create plant-based meats that closely mimic the sensory experience of traditional meat, thereby increasing their appeal to consumers.

One key advantage of Vertera ProBite is its liquid form, which simplifies the dosing and incorporation process for manufacturers. This liquid format offers greater flexibility and precision during food production, enabling manufacturers to fine-tune the texture of their plant-based products to meet consumer expectations.

Perhaps most importantly, Vertera ProBite has received regulatory approval as a processing aid. This distinction is crucial because it means that any unintended presence of the enzyme in the final product, though technically unavoidable, does not require special labeling.

This regulatory clarity is expected to simplify compliance for manufacturers and provide transparency to consumers.

Novozymes believes that Vertera ProBite represents a significant advancement for the plant-based meat industry. It empowers manufacturers to overcome one of the key hurdles in creating products that can compete with traditional meat on texture and overall eating experience.

By offering a natural and effective solution, Novozymes aims to attract more consumers to plant-based alternatives and support the broader shift toward sustainable and environmentally friendly diets.

With regulatory approval, a user-friendly liquid format, and the potential to transform the sensory experience of plant-based meats, this innovation is well-positioned to accelerate the adoption of sustainable and delicious plant-based alternatives in the global food market.

Earlier this year, the biotechnology firm unveiled a fresh collaboration with Arla Foods, a multinational nutrition corporation, intending to advance protein ingredients through precision fermentation techniques.

As per the biotechnology company’s statements, this jointly funded venture alongside Arla Foods will significantly enhance their proficiency in creating microbial strains tailored for large-scale protein production via precision fermentation.

The initiative was complemented by Arla Foods Ingredients’ extensive knowledge of food technology, particularly in the domains of separation and drying processes, as well as their regulatory landscape insights.