US – Nutriati Inc., a producer of plant-based food products has partnered with PLT Health Solutions to introduce new gluten-free Artesa Chickpea flour in North America.

Artesa Chickpea Flour was launched to expand the non-gluten free range of products at the same time offering great taste, flavor, quality and formulating functionally.

The flour features a raw material sourcing and manufacturing process custom-designed for the project and is useful in a variety of gluten-free product applications such as breads, baked goods and pasta.

Nutriati said that the company will support development of new food products based on the ingredient from their Applications Technical Center in Richmond, VA by sourcing raw materials from select farms in the US and Canada.

“Flours made from pulses and legumes have a great deal to offer consumers from a health standpoint – and yet they have failed to become main-stream, primarily because of organoleptic issues – chief of which is taste,” said Devin Stagg, Chief Operating Officer of PLT.

He added that the Artesa project had its goal to bring the nutrition and sustainability of pulse flours to a broad public by directly addressing the issues of taste and final product quality.

The innovation was realized with the help of Nutriati Chief Innovation Officer Michael Spinelli’s expertise in food and consumer products.

Development of Artesa Chickpea Flour involved every aspect of ingredient development, from the sourcing and selection of chickpeas to the manufacturing of this flour.

Manufacturing process of the flour removes strong flavors that act as a barrier for pulse flours, presenting it as a healthier alternative to wheat flours in a market that is rapidly shifting to gluten-free products.

Artesa Chickpea Flour finds applications in pasta, soups, sauces, gravies and special applications in non-allergenic, vegan, egg-free formulations while maintaining product integrity and mouthfeel.

“We have recognized a fundamental shift taking place in the food and beverage community, driven by consumer purchasing habits favouring better tasting and healthier plant-based foods.

The entire Nutriati team is excited to be a part of this community, working to positively impact social and environmental food issues while building a profitable and sustainable business focused on plant-based foods,” said Michael Spinelli.

Chickpea uses less amount of chemical fertilizers, lower use of water, pesticides, lower carbon footprint thus, a suitable alternative for sustainable development.