USA – Peruvian seafood company, Océano Seafood, has taken a significant step into the US market with its recent acquisition of Sea Fresh USA.

The deal, for an undisclosed sum, provided Océano Seafood with a strong position in the United States as it enhanced its global presence.

Sea Fresh USA, headquartered in Rhode Island, has been a prominent player in the fishing and processing industry since its establishment in 1981.

Sea Fresh is renowned for its fresh and frozen squid, which has earned a reputation for quality among both retail and food service customers.

The acquisition of Sea Fresh USA, with its annual sales reaching approximately US$50 million, not only expands Océano Seafood’s supplier network but also diversifies its product portfolio.

Founded in 1997, Océano Seafood initially focused on fishmeal production. However, the company has since diversified into fishing, processing, and marketing a wide range of seafood products, including squid, flying fish roe, mahi, Argentine red shrimp, octopus, tuna, bonito, and anchovy.

With a presence in Peru through five processing facilities and a workforce of 1,100 employees, Océano Seafood sells its products under the A-1 brand.

The majority of Océano Seafood’s sales, over 75%, are in Asia, and it exports 17% of its produce to Europe. North America constitutes 7% of its total sales. Earlier this year, the company expanded its European footprint by acquiring Pesfasa, a Spain-based octopus exporter.

Ignacio Tirado, President of Océano Seafood, expressed the company’s ambition to develop and expand the Sea Fresh business within the US market.

He emphasized the integration of Océano Seafood’s global sourcing capabilities into this new venture.

James Fox, owner of Sea Fresh, also conveyed his excitement about becoming a part of Océano Seafood’s expansion efforts in the United States. The acquisition marked a significant milestone in the company’s growth strategy.

Additionally, Océano Seafood’s move into the US market reflects its commitment to meeting the growing demand for seafood products.

By acquiring Sea Fresh USA, the company aims to gain direct access to the US market while benefiting from Sea Fresh’s established reputation for delivering high-quality squid products.

According to the company, the acquisition underscored its dedication to strengthening its position in the seafood industry, both globally and in the United States.

“With a focus on quality and sustainability, we are poised to continue serving the evolving needs of consumers in the seafood market.”

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