NIGERIA – Nigeria’s fish farmers have lauded Olam Agri’s transformative investments in Nigeria’s aquaculture sector, highlighting the company’s efforts to elevate productivity levels within the industry.

The commendations came during a recent value chain review exercise, where farmers shared their experiences and insights into the positive impacts of Olam’s initiatives.

Olam Agri, a prominent agribusiness entity specializing in food, feed, and fibre, initiated its foray into the aquaculture value chain in Nigeria back in 2017 through its feed milling unit. Since then, it has been on a mission to revolutionize fish farming practices in the region.

According to Mr Olatoye Fajimi, the Vice President of the Lagos State Catfish and Allied Farmers Association, Olam Agri’s role has brought about impactful change within the aquaculture sector.

“Olam Agri employs technical experts who go around to visit farms to work with the farmers to improve farm clusters’ productivity,” he said.

“This collaborative approach has been instrumental in nurturing a culture of continuous improvement among local fish farmers.”

In addition, Mr. Lazarus Odafi, the owner of Odafi Fish Farm shared his firsthand experience working with Olam Agri noting that Olam’s hands-on training not only equips farmers with essential skills but also promotes sustainability and responsible farming practices.

“Olam Agri came to our farm cluster and trained us on pond water management techniques, how to test pH levels in the pond, and ways to curb feed waste,” he articulated.

Recently, the company has also made substantial investments in infrastructure, technology, and research to propel the aquaculture industry forward.

By collaborating with local farmers and leveraging its technical expertise, Olam Agri has not only improved productivity but also raised the overall standards of fish farming in Nigeria.

However, One of the significant challenges that aquaculture faces is the efficient management of resources, particularly water.

Olam Agri’s initiatives have played a pivotal role in addressing this issue. Farmers, like Mr. Odafi, now possess the knowledge and tools to manage pond water effectively, ensuring optimal conditions for fish growth. This has resulted in increased yields and better profitability for farmers.

Furthermore, Olam Agri’s focus on reducing feed waste aligns with broader sustainability goals. By educating farmers on best practices, the company is helping to minimize waste in fish farming operations, reducing costs for farmers and promoting environmental responsibility.

Local farmers’ testimonials have attested to the company’s unwavering commitment to enhancing productivity, fostering sustainable practices, and elevating the overall quality of fish farming in Nigeria.

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