Olam’s joint venture Nutrifoods launches first premium oats digestive biscuits

GHANA – Nutrifoods Ghana Limited, a joint venture between Olam and Sanyo Foods has launched its first premium oats digestive biscuit under its adult health segment brand, Nutrisnax, a GNA report reveals.

The Premium Nutrisnax Oats Digestive biscuit is made from oats and whole wheat, high in fibre and totally devoid of trans-fat.

It will be available in a premium Mono Carton box pack of 105g which has two convenient snack packs of 52.5g each.

Mr Jay Anjaria, the Marketing Head (Packaged Food) at Nutrifoods, some of the factors attributed to the new product was a niche of young Ghanaians who were becoming more health conscious with increasing awareness of a healthy diet.

According to him, life had become so fast paced, hectic and packed with many things in a day that the young individual finds it difficult to make healthy choices either due to lack of time or lack of choices.

“Nutrisnax will seek to serve the health conscious consumer with specially created, healthy yet tasty biscuits.

The brand will support the young Ghanaian who is consistently striving to get more out of life by helping them make these small, yet smart, food choices to enable healthy lifestyles,” he said.

The company plans to develop and launch differentiated products to meet the changing needs of customers and this would be achieved by investing in new capabilities.

Nutrifoods Ghana portfolio includes the Royal King Cracker, Perk Shortcake, Milky Magic and Royal Digestive.

The company inaugurated a new facility at Tema to expand its production line and distribution networks across the West African sub-region with US$8.25 million investment.

It then said it was to employ more than 150 Ghanaians, in addition to its existing 600 employees.

The expansion has consolidated Nutrifoods’ position as the number one biscuit producer in Ghana, giving it more than 35% market share.

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2 Thoughts to “Olam’s joint venture Nutrifoods launches first premium oats digestive biscuits”

  1. Jay

    I tried the nutrisnax digestive biscuit and I loved loved it.
    What is missing is that there is no nutritional information on the packing.
    How much calories am I eating?
    If the product I meant for the health conscious person then we must know what we a eating.
    But it is a great product

    1. Food Business Africa

      Dear Jay,
      Thanks for your great feedback.
      For us we are a media company. But you can reach the company with your insights through the contact details on their website.

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