GHANA – Nutrifoods Ghana Limited, a subsidiary of Olam Ghana and a market leader in the production of biscuits, has introduced the first egg and milk-based biscuit into the market.

Made with fortified wheat flour, whole egg powder and rich milk proteins, the Milky Magic Eggrich biscuit seeks to enable the company expand and meet growing demand in the prevailing nutrition snacking space among children.

The egg and milk ingredients provide an affordable source of protein and a balanced diet.

Nutrifoods, producer of popular household biscuit brands like Perk, Milky Magic, Royal Digestive and Royal King Cracker, noted that the launch of Eggrich follows extensive consumer-based research.

“We at Nutrifoods strongly believe in getting it right with the consumer first, hence this product is specially designed to meet the nutritional needs of our consumers,” Mr. Jay Anjaria, Marketing Head of Nutrifoods’ Packaged Food Business.

Mr. Jay Anjaria, said that the company also intends to introduce a number of products including the unveiling of the new brand in school, traditional markets, supermarkets, neighborhood groceries and mini marts in Accra and Kumasi.

Milky Magic Eggrich biscuits are available in a 36g pack and in an attractive packaging nationwide at a consumer price of 0.50p, reports Ghana News Agency.

Jointly owned by Olam International and Sanyo Foods of Japan, Nutrifoods Ghana is currently the leading biscuit manufacturer in Ghana.

Nutrifoods produces an assorted brand portfolio which includes some of the most popular biscuits in the country – the Royal King Cracker, Perk Shortcake, Milky Magic and Royal Digestive.

Last year, the company introduced the first premium oats digestive biscuit under its new health brand, Nutrisnax.

The biscuit, made from oats and whole wheat, contains high fibre, available in a premium mono carton box pack of 105 gms which has two convenient snack packs of 52.5 gms each.

The Royal King Cracker brand was also introduced last year as a sugar-free biscuit in the cracker category to addresses the rising consumer need for a sugar-free cream cracker.

Cream cracker sugar-free biscuits will be available in two convenient sizes of 82 grammes and 44 grammes

By then, Amitabh Coomar, Business Head at Nutrifoods Biscuits disclosed that the company intended to introduce a new capacity infusion to meet the growing demand for its products.