ASIA – Oman Flour Mills has announced that its Chief Financial Officer, Salim Khairulla will be leaving the company Mid-May after tendering resignation citing personal reasons.

Khairulla was appointed an interim Chief Executive Officer for Oman after its then CEO, Ali Habaj stepped down to join Oman Cables Industry at the end of June.

He served as interim chief executive officer of the company between July 1, 2017, and March 31, 2018.

His interim tenure ended when a new CEO, Haitham Mohamed Al Fannah was appointed by the company’s board of directors in April.

Al Fannah has spent the past 17 years at Al-Sulaimi Group, and has been CEO of the company since March 2016 and was earlier chief operations officer at the company.

Oman Flour Mills is engaged in the milling and food processing sector.

The company’s primary activities are milling of wheat and other cereals, flour sales, and the processing and sale of animal feed.

The company’s flour products are sold under the Dahabi brand, while its feed products are marketed under the Barakat brand.

The former CEO, Habaj worked with Atyab Investments, which manages Oman Flour Mills, since 2000, and was CEO since 2004.

He also held several leadership roles within the Mideast and Africa region of the International Association of Operative Millers, including as regional director and secretary general and treasurer.