NIGERIA – Nigerian online retailer has started a campaign dubbed “Proudly Nigerian” to encourage its customers to purchase locally made goods s opposed to imported products.

With the goal of encouraging the purchase of local products, has labeled all locally produced products with a “Proudly Nigerian” stamp, making it easier for customers to identify and decide if they would like to spend their cash on local products.

The company believes that with such a campaign, consumers shall be encouraged to patronize local products thereby supporting local farmers and companies, while also strengthening the purchasing power of the local currency Naira, that has taken a beating due to low oil prices, a major contributor to Nigeria’s economy.

From the company’s website,, shoppers can choose from over 70,000 products from the inventory of the site’s partner stores including Spar, Park n Shop, 9 to 7, Mega Plaza, Multiker, Chi Shoppe, and the local markets.

The consumer has a choice of mixing items from multiple stores into one order and receiving one delivery at the same prices as in store, the company explains.

The online portal has an assortment of groceries and everyday essentials, including local ingredients like kpomo, efo, kpanla, garri, iru; fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and poultry, beverages, baby food, water, toiletries and other items required at home or office. is a Lagos based same day grocery delivery service.