NIGERIA – In a strategic move to bolster its presence in the African beverage can market, South African investment holding company Oppenheimer Partners has fully acquired the Nigerian beverage can manufacturer, GZ Industries (GZI). 

This transaction marks Oppenheimer’s complete takeover of GZI, a significant player in the region, as it acquired an additional 37.5% stake from Singaporean private equity firm, Affirma Capital. 

While the financial intricacies of the deal remain undisclosed, the acquisition aligns with Oppenheimer Partners’ broader strategy to invigorate the growth trajectory of GZ Industries.  

The South African group initially invested in the Nigerian firm in 2018 and has now positioned itself to fully implement its strategic initiatives aimed at serving the entire sub-Saharan African region. 

The move is strategically timed, given the anticipated surge in demand for packaging within the beverage industry over the coming decades. This growth is expected to be fuelled by rising incomes and increasing populations across the continent. 

By gaining full control of GZI, Oppenheimer Partners aims to capitalize on this burgeoning market, positioning itself at the forefront of the evolving packaging landscape. 

Founded in 2006 in Nigeria, GZ Industries has emerged as the leading supplier of beverage cans in the country, boasting an impressive annual production capacity of 1.8 billion units.  

The company operates two factories located in Ogun and Abia states, solidifying its position as a pivotal player in Nigeria’s manufacturing sector. 

In a strategic diversification move in 2018, GZ Industries inaugurated a new manufacturing facility in Germiston, South Africa. This expansion not only extended its annual production capacity to 1.2 billion units but also allowed the company to secure approximately 20% of the beverage can market share in South Africa.  

The move strategically positioned GZI to tap into the growing consumer demands and preferences within the rainbow nation. 

Oppenheimer Partners’ decision to take full control of GZ Industries signifies a commitment to fostering regional economic growth and addressing the evolving needs of the beverage packaging industry. 

The consolidation of resources and expertise from both entities is expected to unlock synergies, enabling them to navigate the dynamic market landscape and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the African beverage can sector. 

As the partnership unfolds, industry watchers keenly await the strategic moves that Oppenheimer Partners will employ to propel GZI to new heights in the competitive and rapidly expanding market. 

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