USA – Optimum Nutrition has launched a new ready-to-eat savory snacks line of ON Protein Ridges as part of the innovation to meet the needs of health-conscious consumers.

The new variants are available at sports nutrition retailers or online and come in four savory flavors.

Protein Ridges are an addition to popular sports nutrition products made by the Glanbia-owned company including confectionary Cake Bites, cookie-like Protein Wafers and fruity ESSENTIAL AMIN.O. ENERGY™ drinks.

They are described as crunchy, baked whey protein squares coated in savory spices.

“OPTIMUM NUTRITION constantly innovates to satisfy tastes,” said Sarah Teeter, Director of Marketing for Optimum Nutrition.

“Not everyone is looking to satisfy a sweet tooth – Protein Ridges are the perfect anytime snack when you want something satisfyingly crunchy with a savory kick, and a great protein-rich alternative to traditional chips or crackers.”   

Each one-bag serving of ON Protein Ridges delivers 15 grams of whey protein, 170 calories and, depending on the flavor, two to three grams of sugar and 14 to 16 grams of carbohydrates.

Protein Ridges are gluten-free and available in four flavors: Sour Cream, BBQ, Honey Sriracha and Cheese.

Optimum Nutrition is constantly innovating to provide consumers with not only convenient foods but also those that are linked to various nutritional benefits.

According to a 2019 study of the snack industry, 73% of consumers prefer convenience when snacking while 49% view snacks as part of a healthy eating plan throughout the day and 66% snack in order to fuel their day.

This makes snacks with functional ingredients like protein to be one of the fastest-growing snacking categories.

Optimum Nutrition recently expanded its plant-based range with new Nature Bites snack cakes suitable for vegetarian diets.

Nature Bites features a coating of dark chocolate protecting a rich, whipped center of plant-based protein, with no artificial flavors.

“Protein Ridges are just the latest addition to a growing family of ready-to-eat and ready-to-drink products from ON,” said Teeter.

“People want convenient options that also feed their desire to make good nutritional choices.”