ZANZIBAR – Organic Denmark is financing a three-year project that accords small scale farmers a commercial opportunity to export organic fruits and vegetables to European countries.

The project has an aim of promoting development of organic farming and production in Zanzibar while extending their market reach beyond the domestic boundaries.

IPP media reports the funding and support was revealed by Association of Vegetable and Fruit Growers in Tanzania (UWAMWIMA) Field Officer Othman Maulid.

He said the project is being implemented by UWAMWIMA in collaboration with Tanzania Organic Agriculture Movement (TOAM).

The lobby group in collaboration with development partners will provide training on organic farming practices given concerns over the use of chemicals in food production in Zanzibar.

“Right now we are conducting a capacity building initiative called Farmer Family Learning Group Project (FFLG) to promote the development of organic farming and production in Zanzibar to improve livelihood and protect the environment,” said Othman Maulid.

He added that organic farming has potential to contribute to the national economy, solve environmental problems and address climate change challenges.

Farmers will be taught how to use organic farming methods to improve soil, yields, health, incomes, food security and mitigate effects of climate change.

Under the Organic Denmark funded project, UWAMWIMA members grow tomatoes, water melons, pineapples and pawpaw among others.

Maulid said the Danish support will help farmers produce high quality organic fruits and vegetables that meet customer needs, raise growers’ incomes and help to expand markets for their produces.

Organic Denmark is an association of companies, organic farmers and consumers in Denmark with more than 160 companies as members.

It is a non-profit association of companies, farmers and consumers in Denmark and one of the lucrative markets for organic produce in the world.

According to new data, organic sector accounts for almost 10% of Danish food sales.