NORWAY – Orkla, a Norwegian conglomerate, has decided to integrate the companies Hamé and Vitana and create one strong food company in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

According to the company, the companies are both owned by Orkla but have been run as separate entities.

Vitana has been a part of Orkla since 2013, and Hamé since 2016, and the integrated company will be named Orkla Foods Česko a Slovensko.

“Vitana and Hamé are two successful companies, but together they will form an even more competitive organisation.

By integrating them we can build a stronger organisation than each company can do alone,” said Johan Wilhelmsson, Executive Vice President, CEO Orkla Foods International.

Starting now, the companies will gradually be integrated, function by function and process by process.

“By becoming an even stronger company, we can be an even better home for many beloved brands.

This means better capacity to innovate and develop them in a strong Czech- and Slovakian-based food company,” said Wilhelmsson.

Vitana became a part of Orkla in 2013 as a part of the Rieber & Søn acqusition. Hamé was aquired by Orkla in 2016.

Orkla Foods Česko a Slovensko will be one of the largest food companies in both the Czech Republic ad in Slovakia, and it will also have operations in Hungary, Ukraine and Russia and export to even more markets.

The company will be leading in several ambient and chilled categories.