DENMARK – Danish ingredients company Palsgaard has developed the world’s first palm-free, powdered emulsifier, which focuses on solving the challenges faced by the industry in the quest to remove palm-oil from cake recipes, without damaging products quality.

Palsgaard SA 6615, the new ingredient, offers the same fast and instant aeration and emulsification as cake gels, but outperforms gels when it comes to shelf life, as it will remain whipping active for 18 months.

“In a few of the markets we serve around the world, negative sentiment around palm oil is now prompting some manufacturers to remove palm oil ingredients from their products entirely,” says Arne Pedersen, a global product and application manager at Palsgaard.

Finding an efficient, palm-free emulsifier that allows manufacturers to continue producing high quality cakes is a problem for most bakeries.

“Making a new emulsifier in powder form is even more difficult,” explains Pedersen. “But its best because, compared with gels, shortenings or other emulsifiers in paste form, powdered emulsifiers make production easier, more cost-efficient and safer.

For example, it simplifies production, saving both time and energy as powdered forms require only a few minutes of preparation before being ready for use.”

Pedersen considers the new ingredient as a solution to a clear market need, but is keen to emphasise that palm oil is still the most sustainable source to meet the requirements of the world’s growing population.

“Emulsifiers based on palm oil, particularly where the latter is produced in accordance with RSPO (Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil) principles, are known to be far more sustainable in yield and functionality than those that produced from other crops such as soy, for example,” he explains.

“So, while palm-free ingredients do allow new label claims, in reality Palsgaard SA6615 simply extends the range of options brands can select to meet consumer preferences.”

Palsgaard SA 6615 is sustainably produced, sugar-free, gluten-free, non-allergenic, non-GMO and Kosher/Halal certified.

The company will officially launch the products in November.