GHANA – Friesland Campina West Africa Limited, producers of Peak milk, has introduced its new brand, Peak Green, to foster a healthy lifestyle in the Ghanaian consumers at an affordable price.

Speaking at the launch in Accra the Marketing Manager of FrieslandCampina, Mr Wilfried Assi, noted that the challenges faced by the economy of Ghana, which had an adverse effect on consumer purchase, necessitated the introduction of the product.

“We know and understand that consumer spending has reduced, hence the need for a milk brand that will give low cholesterol and still be affordable”, he said.

According to him, Peak Green was a product birthed from intense research on the Ghanaian consumers and their need for quality products at the lowest possible price.

Mr Assi added that the product also aimed at boosting the sustainability and profitability of the company.

Peak Green, which is packaged in a 170g tin, is an evaporated milk in which the animal fats content has been replaced with vegetable fats to lower the amount of cholesterol in the milk.

The product, which is targeted at Ghanaian households in general, comes at a price of GH¢1.80 as compared to its other variant that goes for GHc2.40.

The product will be marketed through advertisements on TV, radio and billboards, promotions for the wholesalers, retailers, free sampling of the product and Body Mass Index (BMI) screening for consumers all over the country.

Following an enthralling performance by a cultural troupe that performed at the event, the product was unveiled amidst drumming and clapping.

September 3, 2016;