USA – Pepsi has introduced three new citrus-forward variants in the US for the summer, expanding its flavor portfolio even as demand for great tasting beverages continue to rise.

The new range comes in three flavors: Pepsi Lime, Pepsi Mango and Pepsi Berry, made using real fruit juice in the formula.

The variants will be available nationwide starting this month in 12oz cans in 12-packs and beginning June, they will also be in 12oz sleek cans in eight-packs at Walmart and Target stores.

The new colas join Pepsi’s existing flavor portfolio geared towards meeting consumer need for sophisticated beverages and according to the company, they ‘create a bolder flavour experience’.

“We are really excited to release these three new flavours, as they provide our fans with a flavourful new cola experience that combines the delicious flavour of an ice-cold Pepsi with a splash of real fruit juice,” said Todd Kaplan, vice-president of marketing for Pepsi.

“This unique twist on cola creates an unbelievably delightful taste profile that is unparalleled in the marketplace, creating a refreshing way for people to cool off in the warm weather.”

Following the slow soda sales, Pepsi has banked on innovation to drive growth, enhancing its core portfolio comprising of original, diet, caffeine free, real sugar and zero sugar options.

They also join the Pepsi Vanilla and Wild Cherry flavour, which features zero-sugar versions, with zero calories named Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry and Pepsi Zero Sugar Wild Cherry.

Pepsi recently unveiled plans to launch a nitrogen-infused version of its trademark soda dubbed Nitro Pepsi, the first-ever of its kind that utilizes the infusion technique popular in beer and coffee.

The company said the new drink will be available in two flavors, signature cola and vanilla, featuring ‘velvety, cascading foam’.

In 2017, Pepsi added two new flavors – Citrus cola and Black Currant cola to the Cola portfolio in an attempt to revitalize cola sales which were suffering due to high calorie content.