INDIA – PepsiCo India has announced plans to extend producer responsibility of the government by collecting and recycling PET plastic waste generated in the Maharashtra state.

The company said this in line with its commitment to the government’s vision and focus on addressing the issue of plastic waste in a sustainable manner.

PepsiCo has also partnered with Gem Enviro, a Producer Responsibility Organization(PRO) that provides unique solutions in waste management including recycling of collected waste, marketing of recycled products and an awareness program.

The two in collaboration will set up the infrastructure for collection and recycling of PET plastic bottles in the state in line with the state’s plastic waste management rules.

As part of this partnership, Gem will set up reverse vending machines, collection points and collection centres for PET waste bottles at several locations across the state.
“We recognise the need and value of the extended producer responsibility initiative of the government, and we are happy to support efforts in this direction,” said PepsiCo India’s president and chief executive officer Ahmed ElSheikh.

The company said that it through the Indian Beverage Association (IBA), is also setting up a consortium for industry players to come together and work towards enhancing the plastic waste management infrastructure.

Plastic ban

On 23 June 2018, Maharashtra state government moved to ban single-use plastic bags exempting plastic straw, non-woven polypropene bags and pouches.

The drive against plastic is gaining momentum with leading hotel chains opting for paper straws and glass bottles to restricting food takeaway packaging and use of cardboard.

Recently, Walmart India announced it was removing single-use shrink wrap used for storing merchandise and replace it with sustainable storage solutions.

Globally, chains like Starbucks, McDonald’s and Hyatt announced they are moving to eliminate plastic straws for of environment friendly alternatives.